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Why does my mobile app not accept invoiced transactions?

I can do everything as normal on my laptop, it's just the mobile app.

I can also do everything except accept invoiced transactions on the mobile app.
I have deleted the app and redownloaded already, still doesn't work.
QuickBooks Team

Why does my mobile app not accept invoiced transactions?

Hello doggydawdlesoth, thanks for joining the Community


Which version of the app are you using, iOS or Android? To clarify your query, by accept invoiced transactions, are you referring to marking a customer invoice as paid by recording the payment on the app? 


If you have any screenshots of the issue that you'd like to add below, that would be helpful :) 

Level 1

Why does my mobile app not accept invoiced transactions?

Hi, thank you for replying.


I am using a Samsung android phone.


App version 28.0.0+5 - I just (did it last week) deleted and redownloaded so should be up-to-date 🤷‍:female_sign:


Yes, that's what I mean. It's only affecting invoice transactions.  I can accept transactions set up as rules and general payments.


At the moment I don't have any transactions pending to be able to screenshot (only just figured out how to or would have done before, sorry).


Why does my mobile app not accept invoiced transactions?

Hello, I have some tips that can assist you in resolving issues with accepting invoice payments in QuickBooks. 


Let's perform troubleshooting steps by clearing your app's cache files to refresh the system. The app stores cache files that can sometimes cause an unusual response to the system. You can clear the app's cache first by following these steps:


  • In the QuickBooks Online app:
    • Android: From More Options ⋮, select Settings, then select Refresh Data. Then, tap Yes.
  • In your device Settings:
    • Android: From your device's Settings, select Apps (varies by device), choose QuickBooks app from the list, and then select Storage. Finally, select clear data.


To know more about the supported mobile operating system, click this article: System requirements for QuickBooks Online products.


Once done, you can follow this article on how to record your payments in QuickBooks: Receive an invoice payment using the QuickBooks Online mobile app.


If the issue persists, I'd recommend contacting our Customer Support Team. They can further investigate this matter, so you can accept invoice transactions. To get in touch with them, click on this link: QuickBooks Online Support.


In addition, I'll be sharing this article to make changes to your invoice templates in QuickBooks: Customise invoices on the QuickBooks Online mobile app.


If you need any help with your transactions, like accepting invoices, just let me know. I'm always available and happy to assist you. Take good care.

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