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Zettle allocation

I have connected zettle to quickbooks.

I have also connected the bank account to quickbooks 

On my bank statement, I have a payment from zettle of 11.20. I open up the payment, click find match, but the amount that has integrated over from zettle is 11.40 this includes the fees. 

I would like to know how I match these payments for the reconciliation as at the moment it will be showing a 20p difference.   

If anyone could help, that would be fantastic!!

QuickBooks Team

Zettle allocation

Hello Karlie79, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So you just do resolve the difference so that you can match it up and do the reconciliation. Resolve the difference and post it to the bank charges/Fees expense account with the amount in negative figure. 


Level 1

Zettle allocation

Perfect! thank you 

QuickBooks Team

Zettle allocation

It's a pleasure to have you here again, @Karlie79.


I’m glad that my colleague was able to help with your concern.


Please know that you’re always welcome to post in the Community space for any QuickBooks concerns you may have.


If you need tips and resources to manage your QuickBooks Online account and finances, You can also save the banking guide for future reference. It covers topics such as reconciling an account, making deposits, and troubleshooting online banking errors, to name a few. 


Let us know if you have other concerns with banking transactions in QuickBooks. We'll be happy to lend a helping hand. Stay safe! 

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