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Can anyone tell me how to change the drop down for mtd form prepare vat return to submit vat return using the bridging software

QuickBooks Team

Re: Can anyone tell me how to change the drop down for mtd form prepare vat return to submit vat ...

Hello there, @thesourcecoffees


Currently, there isn't a way to change the option for MTD form from Prepare VAT return to Submit VAT Return. Please know that I'll take note of this, so our product engineers can consider it for future updates. 


Using the bridging software requires you to have an active QuickBooks Online subscription. First, you'll have to authorise QuickBooks to interact with HMRC before submitting the return. Then, you can now perform the steps below on how to file the MTD form: 

  1. Go to Taxes from the left menu. 
  2. Next to Submit return, click the drop-down and choose Select with a spreadsheet option
  3. On the Submit with bridging software page, verify your client's VAT number and VAT period you've selected.
  4. Click Browse, then choose CSV file and Next
  5. Update the sheets to make sure the information is correct. 
  6. Click Review return if the numbers are already matched. 
  7. Select I declare the information is true and complete, then click Submit to HMRC.
  8. Once the submission is successful, a confirmation message will appear. Click Done to return to the VAT menu.
  9. The status for your return will change to Accepted


For detailed steps about this process, you can go through this article: Submit a VAT Return Through Bridging Software - MTD for Small Business


If you're using the 2019 version, I recommend checking out these articles to learn more about our product enhancements, such as VAT e-filing and MTD: 


I'm here anytime you have other concerns. Have a good day.