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cis deduction



when raising an invoice for say £120 to a contractor in will get paid £100 and £20 deducted for tax 

by contractor

i have raised and invoice for £120  but the bank will show i received £100   where do i put/show the tax deduction



John C
QuickBooks Team

cis deduction

Hi robbo1987


When you create the customer you will have to select is CIS contractor within the customer information. When creating an invoice you select/enter the customers name in the customer field the product and service will automatically populate with the CIS % rate. When you enter an amount the amount of CIS deducted will show in the CIS field and show a net amount that you will then receive in the banking screen and match it up/pay off the invoice.

Level 1

cis deduction



I cant find any options for cis in quickbook self employed. Is there an option or is this only available for quickbook online.

QuickBooks Team

cis deduction

Hi @Redled,


What you said is correct. It's QuickBooks Online (QBO) that has the option to manage CIS transactions. 


I suggest subscribing to a QBO company if you need to record these transactions. You can refer to the Plans & Pricing page to see which version suits you best.


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