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daily sales receipt

Hi community,


I'm trying to set a daily (actually monthly, but it's the same) sales receipt, with cash, credit card sales and so on.

Now, my problem is that I have my sales charged with 7.7% VAT (I work in Switzerland), so I've set the receipt as tax inclusive, but in this way the system asks me to put a tax rate also for the other items, such as sales payment and credit card payments, and it's obviously nonsense.

I've tried to select out of scope of tax and insert the VAT as a separate product/service but it's not possible because VAT payble is an account of liabilities and they're not accepted as products or services...

I've also tried to add NO VAT as a new account of taxes but I don't know how to do it, when editing my taxes it shows me only VAT 7.7% and VAT 2.5%...


Any suggestions?


Thank you

SME Bookkeeper
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daily sales receipt

Hello @enricomarrucci,


First of all, Set up your VAT in the correct way.
Whatever the mode is, cash/credit card setup your VAT.
While you raise invoice & sales receipt you can choose three modes, (VAT, Inclusive VAT, No VAT)
If you choose VAT, then you have to put the VAT amount separately & input the product price except VAT. (Check your Products & service settings).
VAT-inclusive items need to choose the inclusive VAT.
No VAT means you do not collect/pay any VAT (So no liability will increase)

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daily sales receipt

Hello Community users, we just wanted to pop in and add to this thread. All the rates in the UK version are for UK related VAT rates. If you need to set up a custom code you can refer to the add or edit  VAT rates section of the help article we have included here.

If you are concerned as to whether that this is not impacting your liabilities correctly we'd suggest speaking with an accountant.

Any questions on this or if you have  a similar issue please let us know

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