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Deleted transaction that have been reconciled and during previous VAT period

Can anyone help!

New to QuickBooks and I stupidly left computer open with kids in house!!


I've just noticed, that over half my transactions from previous months have been deleted 406 to be precise 

These transactions had already been reconcile and filed for VAT (monthly) - Its knocked everything out..


My question is 

Do I need to add everything again individually and if I do ..


How do you add a bank deposit from a customer or card merchant ?  


And will this effect my VAT return? 

QuickBooks Team

Deleted transaction that have been reconciled and during previous VAT period

Hi there, @Pedipawz.


I hear your sentiments about the deleted transaction in QuickBooks. I'm here to explain how to retrieve them.


You can use the Audit log to retrieve the details of the deleted invoice and recreate it. This report assists you in keeping track of transactions that have been added, deleted, or modified, as well as user entries. It shows the history of changes made to individual transactions. It can be customized by narrowing the data with the Filter tool.


Here's how:


  1. Navigate to the Gear icon.
  2. Select Audit Log.
  3. Select the appropriate User, Date, and Events filter from the Filter drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Apply button.
  5. Track down the deleted transaction.
  • Use the browser's search function.
  • On your keyboard, press Ctrl + F.
  • Enter a keyword associated with the deleted banking transactions.

6. Click View in the History column.

7. The EVENT column contains all the information required for the transaction.


Then, re-create the transaction using the information displayed. Change the status of the transactions in the register back to R, which stands for Reconciled.


Learn more about this process in this help article: Step 3: Review your account register: Fix issues the first time you reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


If there are transactions that you've previously filed but have since changed, deleted, or added, this causes adjustments on your VAT. Read this article to ensure that no VAT (or credits) are missed or duplicated: VAT exceptions and reports in QuickBooks Online.


Furthermore, I recommend consulting your accountant for further guidance with your VAT returns and additional assistance to help your books be accurate.


Also, to add a bank deposit from a customer, you'll need to create or manually add them. Make sure you enter the payment method made by the customer. Utilize this article for your reference: Record and make bank deposits in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if you have any other concerns about your customer transactions or other functions and features in QuickBooks. I'm more than happy to help again. 


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