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I have a UK based client who sells on the web both in the UK and EU and has warehouses in the EU from which EU customers are supplied on sales through Amazon. The EU vat is either paid by Amazon on behalf of the client or through a vat account the client has set up for the relevant country.  My client uses a 3rd party to export the Amazon EU sales to QuickBooks Online which creates invoices which include the EU vat which is shown as 20% vat although the vat amount is at the relevant rate for the country. As the EU vat has already been paid I am using an App to gross up the net amount, so the invoice reconciles with the payment, and reduce the vat to nil coded as no vat. No vat is, thus, payable to HMRC. However, the sales are then overstated and need reducing by the relevant EU vat rates which can be done by a journal between sales and the bank accounts from which the EU vat has been paid.

Is this the correct procedure or is there an alternative ?

QuickBooks Team


Hello KCM, we are sorry that your post never got answered when you originally posted it. We would advise you to reach out and speak to an accountant on how best to record this in your account. 

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HI , 

If I were you I would create a separate EU tax agency and add there EU tax rates . That way you will not need to do all the manual work that you described. I presume that your customer uses an online shop the sales and perhaps also includes Amazon sales into the online shop as a sales channel (if not you can ask the customer to upload the sales to the shop). If that is the case you can map out the taxes to a specific tax agency in the bridging app and  when a sale is created you will receive proper situation on the QB side 

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