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Import Duty


I was sent a sample product from China via DHL

£51 Import Duty was charged , which I paid to DHL.

1. How do I record this ?

2. How do I reclaim ? Via  vat ?  


Thank you 


QuickBooks Team

Import Duty

Hello Robert9999, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So you could enter this in as a 100% Vat Expense. If you have a look at this help article it tells you the steps what you need to do to record it in your account. However we would advise you speak to a trained and qualified accountant who will be able to advise more on the best way to enter it into your account.

Level 8

Import Duty

Hi @Robert9999 


If it was Import Duty - that is not reclaimable.  Enter as an Expense.

If it was Import VAT - that is reclaimable.  Enter as a 100% VAT transaction as per @Ashleigh1 & the linked Help Article (or there are several threads on here that will give you slightly different methods).

If it was Import Documentation (or Fees) - that's not reclaimable.  Enter as an Expense.


Chances are that the DHL Bill was a mix of all three.


Hope this helps.

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