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Import product list from Desktop to Online including VAT code

Hi Folks,


Having been forced to move from Desktop Pro to Online, Movemybooks has relatively successfully moved everything across in that the balances all agree on the 7 years we imported.


What it has done really really badly is the Product List of 1600 items or so. The 15 it has moved have been marked as Services rather than non-stock parts. The rest don't exist. What a mess.


Plus not one VAT code moved across on the Chart of accounts nor any supplier account number. Not good.


Anyway I want to import in the correct product list that I have exported from the Desktop and placed into the sample template layout that Online wants. Ideally I want to import the correct VAT code for each item rather than having to edit each one later to add the VAT code.


But where in the example QB Online excel is the VAT code placed? The only column that looks sensible is 'Tax on Sales'. Is that the one to use and if so what VAT codes should be used? S, Z or  20.0% S, 0.0% Z.


Similarly What is allowed for the Product/Service Name.


Desktop exports/calls them:







Is that allowable? Is there a real proper guide or helpfile for doing this?








Import product list from Desktop to Online including VAT code

Hello, Duncan. I understand how important to always keep your data accurate even after moving them to QuickBooks Online.


Movemybooks is an independent third-party provider and is not affiliated with Intuit. Intuit does not offer any assurances or guarantees regarding the quality of services or work performed by Movemybooks.


Since you're experiencing issues during the conversion process, I suggest contacting Movemybooks support for your specific needs. They are the ones who can guide you, provide detailed explanations, troubleshoot common issues, and gain a better understanding of the features and functionality offered by Movemybooks.


Additionally, you can visit this article to gather more details and tips about converting data: Moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

You can always go back to this thread and post anytime if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'll be around to help you anytime.

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Import product list from Desktop to Online including VAT code


We help our clients to convert data to QBO. Unfortunately since last month QBO's API has been updated, and due to this, we are not providing track inventory service. However, we can still bring inventory details like name, code, description, sales account, purchase account, sales price, purchase price, etc. As a part of the conversion, we import all the items as "non-inventory" type in QBO. After the completion of the conversion, our client needs to manually change the type non-Inventory to Inventory and add the quantity on hand manually for each item.

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