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Old Unassigned VAT Amounts



I have just signed up for Making Tax digital and imported by files from my old quickbooks. However the VAT amount is incorrect. One of the issues is a lot of old unassigned VAT from 2016 and older. We are not due the VAT to HMRC and the accounts have been completed and submitted since then. How can I clear these unassigned VAT amounts as due to them being imported and not relating to the current VAT quarter I cannot adjust the totals shown. In case this make a difference our VAT rates vary from exempt, partial and full. Thank you.


Old Unassigned VAT Amounts

Welcome to the UK Community, @Optom,


To remove any unassigned VAT in QuickBooks, you'll have to mark them as filed from the start period until the current quarter.


The most likely reason why they are showing up in the VAT page, is that they might be categorised as VAT Control, or the start date selected during the MTD setup goes back to 2016.


Here's how to manually file a VAT return:


  1. From the left menu, click Taxes.
  2. In the Returns tab, select the previous VAT returns.
  3. Click Prepare return under the Action column.
  4. Review the Start date and End date of the period.
  5. In the Prepare VAT return page, select Mark as filed from the Submit to HMRC drop-down.
  6. Click Continue.

You can also find these steps in this article: Submit a VAT Return in QuickBooks.


I've added these articles to learn more about MTD:


If you have other questions, please drop them here by clicking the Reply button below. I'll be here to help whenever you need one. Have a nice day!

Level 1

Old Unassigned VAT Amounts

Hi, Thank you for replying.

Can you please tell me how can I mark them as filed from the start period until the current quarter?


I also suspect that it is calculating VAT due from 2016 to 2019 which has also been paid. These amounts are not showing up as unassigned VAT. How can I rectify these?


Thank you



QuickBooks Team

Old Unassigned VAT Amounts

Hi @Optom,


Thank you for your prompt reply. Let me take care of this query for you.


You'll have to mark each return manually, from way back 2016 up until the present, following the steps provided by my peer, @Jen_D above. Once it's marked as filed, the link beside that return will show Record payment. You'll have to manually record the payment as well, and then move on to the next return. Keep doing these steps until you get to to your latest VAT return period.


More details on recording a VAT payment or refund are in this article: How to record a VAT payment or refund. This includes a video for your reference, as well as 2 separate steps for the payment and refund process.


Feel free to post a comment below, in case you have other questions. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.