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Liz Robson
Level 1

VAT Accounting - Moving from Cash to Accrual Basis

I am about to change our VAT accounting from Cash to Accrual.  I thought that by changing the setting from cash to accrual would pick up all transactions which haven't been marked as filed on a return.  However this does not appear to be the case. 

Is there a report in QBO which shows all the transaction which have not appeared on a return - I would like to justify the VAT balance in the VAT control account?  In turn this will help check that what I am filing on  

QuickBooks Team

VAT Accounting - Moving from Cash to Accrual Basis

Hi there, @Liz Robson.

Let's run the summary report.


This report shows you the summary information for each box on the VAT return. This will help you as you file your return in QuickBooks Online and then complete and submit your return to your VAT agency.


You can find this report by going to Taxes, clicking on the arrow next to Prepare Return, and selecting View Summary. Alternatively, you can also go to Business overview, select Reports, then select All Reports, and Manage Tax.


Here's an article you can read to learn more about your report: VAT Detail Report.


I've also included the following articles below in case you need some ideas about customising a saving a report:

Fill me in if you have further questions. I'm always around if you need any help

Liz Robson
Level 1

VAT Accounting - Moving from Cash to Accrual Basis

Thanks for this.  Only when I look at the return transactions it isn’t picking everything up therefore I was looking for a report which would show all the transactions that havent been filed - this should agree to the VAT control account - but it doesn’t.  I’ll take another look.

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