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Level 4

VAT detail report PDF version

Can someone please sort out the layout of the PDF version of the VAT Detail report? The Name and VAT Code columns are far too narrow and the report looks a total mess as a result. The version on screen is fine, but can someone please ensure the column layout reproduces faithfully on the PDF export version?

QuickBooks Team

VAT detail report PDF version

Hi there, richard96.


I tried to export the VAT Detail report to PDF and the columns are showing fine. There are several factors that may contribute to alignment issues in the columns when exporting reports from QBO. I'll share the steps that can resolve these.


First, clear your cache or temporary internet files. Here's an article as a guide: Clear Cache and Cookies to Fix Issues When Using QuickBooks Online.


Second, outdated versions of Adobe might not work properly when printing or exporting documents. To check which version you're using on a Windows computer, go to the Start menu, then go to Programs & Features. This menu will display which version of Acrobat or Reader you're using. The latest versions of Adobe can be located on the Adobe website


Once done, go back to the report and export it again. 


Feel free to check out this article in case you will need them when running reports in QBO:



Don't hesitate to reply to let me know if you anything from us. I'd be glad to get back here and offer my help to you again. 

Level 4

VAT detail report PDF version

The columns display fine, but the Name and VAT Code columns are too narrow for the length of the entries in those fields. Hence every row gets broken over 2 or 3 rows. It would be better if the PDF export adjusted the column widths to better reflect the length of the entries in the respective fields.


Anyway, I've decided the best workaround is to export to Excel for the VAT Detail report, as this does adjust the column widths to the longest entry in each field and everything looks much neater when viewed or printed!

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