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VAT Issue's


We recently upgraded to QB 2019 Premier Accountant 2019 from 2003.

Every financial year we create a new company file to store transactions for that particular year.

The Issue I am having is generating VAT Summary Reports. We started trading on 02/01/2019.

when I want to see my VAT Summary Report for a particular day, for some reason it shows as a
cumulative from the day we started trading. I have attached pictures to show the issue I am having.
for example when I just want to see for 03/01/2019, the figures that it gives me are the same as if I
put the dates from 02/01/2019 to 03/01/2019.

Any help would be much appreciated. Also if some one can provide the contact
information for the UK department i.e email address as I am a small business based
in Kenya and calling them via phone is a bit costly


VAT summary 02-01-2019 to 03-01-2019.jpg VAT summary 02-01-2019.jpg VAT summary 03-01-2019.jpg

Level 3

Re: VAT Issue's

It will show as a cumulative until you run a VAT return and file it, once this is done the numbers zero. If you want to see the VAT for a particular time period you can run the VAT detail report instead and change the dates there to suit.