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VAT reconciliation

Hi,  I want to reconcile VAT but Desktop seems to be including balances from previous months even though those months were closed off.  And if I try to look at previous months, QB Pro tells me: “A VAT return already exists for the date selected.  Please select another date.”

Additionally the balances on VAT report bear no relation to the sales and purchase report totals. 



QuickBooks Team

VAT reconciliation

Hello Wine Consultants, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


So this can happen from time to time, what you need to do is find the HMRC supplier in the supplier center, delete the last journal and do a paper filing for that one you just deleted then it should stop bring in the last 1/4 amounts. 


Before you do delete anything make sure you make a backup of it so you do have it for reference if you need it just incase. 


If you have any further Qs's you can ring the desktop helpline on 0808 168 9535 and they can set up a screen share with you and go through it with you. 

Level 1

VAT reconciliation

Hi Ashleigh1,


Thanks.  Did as you suggested but after pressing delete and confirmations, that aborted the program (and sent error report).


FYI we don’t connect to HMRC but always submit returns “manually”.


Tried to call but being outside the UK, the number always comes up as engaged.  Trying on my mobile tells me that it does not allow me to call that number.  Do you have another number for “outside the UK”?

Alternatively, you can get me on +33 321 36 81 46 or mobile +33 676 10 32 41. 


With kind regards


QuickBooks Team

VAT reconciliation

Hi Guy, 


Thanks for trying those steps for us; as much as we'd like, as a digital team we don't have the facility to make outbound calls, have you tried adding the UK dialling prefix +44 to the desktop support no. 0808 168 9535? :telephone_receiver:

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VAT reconciliation

Yes of course!  This has been a recurring problem over the last months when I was setting up the 2020 version.  It must be the phone service provider that must be the problem. 

I have contacted by email one of your tech support team and hope that she/they might be able to help.

This is an important problem to sort out ASAP.   :( 

Level 1

VAT reconciliation

While I have you here, I have an error message #12007 which seems not to allow updates to complete on Desktop - on R6_77  and Windows 10.  Are you able to help on this?

QuickBooks Team

VAT reconciliation

I can help you get rid of this error, @WINE CONSULTANTS.


Let me share some troubleshooting steps to fix error 12007. Usually, this error prompts when you have not updated the QuickBooks software from time to time. Also, this happens when the system is unable to successfully connect to the internet, which causes issues when updating. 


Here are other possible reasons:

  • You may experience the error 12007 due to the wrong SSL Settings.
  • QuickBooks update error 12007 may also appear because of using an unsupported browser associated with QuickBooks.
  • An improper internet connection.

You can perform any of the following troubleshooting steps:


Solution 1: Check the internet connection

  1. Set the internet explorer as your default browser.
  2. Then, check if you are still getting QB error 12007 or not.
  3. Download the Transport Layer Security 1.2 utility for QuickBooks.
  4. If you are still unable to run a secure website then, you need to consult an IT professional.

Solution 2: Correct the settings of the Internet Explorer

  1. Start QuickBooks and run IE web browser.
  2. Go to the Tools and select Internet Options.
  3. Click on Security Tab and click on the Globe symbol.
  4. The security level should be less than Medium-high.
  5. Then, choose the Connections tab and select ‘Never Dial a Connection’.
  6. Press OK.
  7. open LAN settings and choose ‘automatically detect’.
  8. Launch the Advanced tab and select Restore Advanced settings.
  9. Select TLS 1.2 and close the IE web browser.
  10. At last, reboot your computer.

Solution 3: Verify the settings of security Software

  • Make sure that the settings of firewall software, antivirus program, and parental control applications are correct, so that you can download the updates easily.

Solution 4: Open the Windows in the safe mode with networking

  • After applying all the solutions given above, if you are still unable to resolve QuickBooks Update error 12007 then, try to open the Windows in the safe mode and check whether the error is dissolved or not.

Solution 5: Reset the QuickBooks updates

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Reset the QuickBooks updates.
  3. Launch the single-user mode for the QuickBooks company file.
  4. Download and install the QuickBooks.

Solution 6: Reset the IE Web Browser

  1. Open the IE browser and select the Tools.
  2. Choose ‘Internet Options’.
  3. Run the Advanced Tab and click on Reset.
  4. Then, default settings will be applied by the Internet browser.
  5. Click on OK and reboot the system.

If you're receiving this message when you're not on the internet, this could be a result of any third-party software conflict. You can follow the steps listed below to avoid any third-party software conflict.

  1. Start the computer in a Safe Mode
  2. Perform a Clean boot

We are always here to make sure you're QuickBooks are up and running. Post your comments below. 

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