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Marie Johnson
Level 1

VAT report


We are currently undergoing a HMRC VAT audit.

We are due back from VAT £10885 and we really, really need that money - like yesterday.

We have been VAT registered since 2015 and always have VAT repayment. Anyway, the compliance officer asked for a VAT Audit report, which was very easy to access and I sent it to her. However. . . . . 


This does not match the VAT I filed.

Please does anyone know how I can download a transaction by transaction list of the actual VAT that I filed so that I can compare and see what has been changed?

I have been on 'View report' and it gives me a summary NOT transaction details like I need.

I do recall that our new office person had duplicated about 3 expenses and had assed them as bills also, so I have rough idea what I am trying to find.


please help.



QuickBooks Team

VAT report

Hello Marie Johnson, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


If you go to the reports on the left-hand side main navigation bar> reports> scroll down to Manage VAT > click on the report that says VAT Detail Report and see if that shows you all the information you need to see. You can filter the report and also customise it so it just shows the information you need and wants to see. You can also export, print, and download the report as well by clicking on the icons top left-hand corner above the report. 

Marie Johnson
Level 1

VAT report

Thank you for your reply


This is what the compliance officer is saying:::


Thank you for your reply below, in regards to question 4, the VAT figures submitted to HMRC show Total VAT reclaimed on purchases (box 4) as £11,854.63 and Net value of purchases (box 7) as £59,273.00, however the VAT summary that you submitted to me on 12/02/2024 shows Total VAT reclaimed on purchases (box 4) as £11,576.29 and Net value of purchases (box 7) as £57,881.75.


It doesn't matter how I generate the report, I cant get one that says £59.273.00 in box 7 or £11854.63 in box 4


I dont' know what  am supposed to do.

QuickBooks Team

VAT report

Hello, Marie. 


I'll ensure you'll be able to fix VAT reports in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


There is a discrepancy in the VAT figures between the information submitted to HMRC and the figures provided in the VAT summary. 


I recommend reviewing the method used to generate the report and verifying the data sources and calculations to ensure accuracy. It may also be necessary to consult with an accountant or tax professional to reconcile the discrepancies and determine the correct figures for submission.


Additionally, I've added this helpful resource that you can open to have a detailed look at the taxes you owe and the reason you owe them: Check how much VAT you owe in QuickBooks Online


If you have further questions about VAT reports, you can comment below, and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.

Mark Armistead
Level 7

VAT report

Marie. You need to run the report associated with each payment which should match. Go to ‘Taxes’ Then you can run each payment’s HMRC detailed report off. See attached screenshot. If they don’t match speak with your accountant.

I was audited after the covid vat deferral when trying to catch back up. Was a nightmare and ended up arguing with them over 200 quid :(

Hope this works for you.




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