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VAT return on FRS why are exceptions showing

As a FRS registered business i have always paid VAT on my sales at 10%.

i joined QB 3 months ago and created my July END return paying the expexted 10% of my sales.

This time for Oct END i have exceptions on my return (not yet filed) 

i am unsure what to do next. to remove these exceptions.

I thought i was doing it all correctly, however i must have done something wrong.

QuickBooks Team

VAT return on FRS why are exceptions showing

It's good to have you here, @Brad-kaleidoscopecouriers. 


I understand how challenging it is to see an exception for your return even though it's not yet filed. Let me share insights below and help you remove these exceptions.


When you make changes to transactions that have been filed in a VAT return within QuickBooks Online (QBO), exceptions are created. Below are the reasons why QuickBooks automatically creates exceptions:


  • Change the VAT code in the transaction.
  • Add, delete, or change the transaction amount.
  • Add or remove an income/expense account line in the transaction.
  • Add or remove a customer/supplier to the transaction.


Since it's not yet filed, we can remove exceptions. Before doing it, know that VAT can get complicated so I recommend contacting your accountant or tax agency. You can also read this article for more info: VAT exceptions and reports in QuickBooks Online.


Let's run the VAT Exception report. Then, click the item that contributes to the exception amounts. Then, remove it by clicking More in the footer and select Void or Delete


Here's how:


  1. Go to Sales, and select All sales or Expenses.
  2. Find the transaction. From the Action column, choose the small arrow ▼ icon and then choose Void or Delete.
  3. Select Void/Yes or Delete/No to confirm.
  4. Another way to void a transaction is to go to the required transaction. In the Action column, select the small arrow ▼ icon and then select View/Edit to open the transaction.
  5. If you want to include the date and reason to void or delete the transaction, enter that info in the Memo or Message section.
  6. Choose More in the footer. Then select Void or Delete.
  7. Select Yes to confirm.


For more info, read this article: Void or delete transactions in QuickBooks Online.


If you want to learn the process of submitting a VAT return through QBO, and some tips for recording its payments, check this article:  Submit a VAT return to HMRC using MTD in QuickBooks Online.


Please come back here if you have additional VAT exception queries. I'll be willing to lend a hand. Keep safe and have a good day.

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VAT return on FRS why are exceptions showing

Hi Bryan and thanks for your speedy response.


I have worked out what I have done...

I moved to QB in the VAT 1/4 ending July 23, filed that return without issue...

In my wisdom I chose to send the whole of this financial years invoices over to QB...

So QB now thinks that my April invoices from this year are "unpaid - so now an exception"...

But they have been paid in the previous quarters return (April End)...

So what I need to do now, I believe, is remove the April invoices from QB and my problem will be rectified ??

But, am I right in thinking I need to speak to a human so they can remove them ??

Thank you for your assistance... Brad

QuickBooks Team

VAT return on FRS why are exceptions showing

Hello, Brad.


Thank you for getting back to us regarding the issue with the April invoices in QuickBooks. Since the invoices were paid and filed, yet QuickBooks still recognizes them as unpaid. I suggest contacting our customer support team, as they are the best resource to assist you in making the necessary corrections to your account. Our team will work with you and help you update your account accordingly. 


Here's how:


  1. Click on Help at the top, then tap on Contact Us.
  2. Enter your issue in the What can we help you with field box.
  3. Click on the Let's talk button.
  4. In the Choose a way to connect with us section, select Chat or Call Us.


See this article for our operating hours: QuickBooks Online Support. It includes the schedule so that you can call us at your convenience time.


If you want to expand your understanding of managing VAT in QuickBooks, I have a few articles that could greatly help. These articles provide a comprehensive guide on VAT management's different aspects, such as setting up VAT rates, recording VAT payments, and filing VAT returns. 


If you need to submit and file your VAT to the HMRC in the future, I'll add a guide if you need help: Submit a MTD for VAT return to HMRC in QuickBooks Online

Please keep us posted on how contacting support goes and ensure everything is handled to resolve your concern. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I want to ensure everything works smoothly for you. Have a great day!

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