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To view my paystubs from other employer

How can I view my paystubs from another employer 

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QuickBooks Team

I’ll share the two options on how you can view your payst...

I’ll share the two options on how you can view your paystubs from another employer, charbelenestepne

If your employer is using the International version, there’s no payroll built-in feature within the program. It could be that he has integrated a third-party payroll app with the system to create paychecks for you. With this, I’d suggest contacting your employer to provide you the steps on how to view your paystubs.

However, if your employer is using the US version, he can invite you to grant an online access in viewing paystubs. Please have him perform the steps on how to send you an invite through this article: Invite Employees To View Paychecks and W-2's Online.

Once invited, you can accept the Workforce invitation from him. Just go to this link:, sign in to your account either on your computer or mobile device.

After that, you can now view, download, or print your paychecks. Let me guide you how.

  1. Go to Paychecks.
  2. Select either Your latest paycheck or Past paychecks.
  3. Click View detail to download or print the paystub.

Not only paychecks that you can access on the website, but W-2’s and other payroll info from your another employer. For more details, go through this article: QuickBooks Workforce.

I’m just a post away if you need anything else. Have an awesome day.