Accounting & Bookkeeping en_SG In a world that has been impacted by COVID-19 businesses, small and large have been forced to adapt to the changing times. For QuickBooks supporting... Fiona Loh's QuickBooks Story

In a world that has been impacted by COVID-19 businesses, small and large have been forced to adapt to the changing times.

For QuickBooks supporting small business owners, teams and communities is important now more than ever before. With the Get There Quicker campaign, QuickBooks empowers and celebrates small businesses across Singapore that have not only survived, but thrived through challenging times.

One key story is that of Fiona Loh, who started her business during an unthinkable time for many, and has seen it grow in leaps and bounds.

While times were uncertain, banker Fiona Loh decided to take the plunge to start her own business and open Whiskdom. It is a decision she made after careful consideration and jumped in wholeheartedly to forge her own path.

“I really have no idea where life will take me from here but I think the beauty in starting something from scratch, and the beauty in being able to create something from scratch, is that you get to dream a dream from a blank canvas.” – Fiona Loh

Get There Quicker

QuickBooks continues to celebrate the determination and resilience of Singaporen small  businesses and the Get There Quicker campaign, featuring Fiona, showcases QuickBooks values and commitment to businesses. It focused on small businesses across Singapore and how they are champions of diversity, resilience and growth. 

It also focused on business owners who have diversified and thrived during COVID-19 and trying circumstances and Fiona Loh of Whiskdom is a prime example.

The campaign also continually highlighted QuickBooks’commitment to small businesses, through accounting and overall business efficiencies – allowing business owners to focus on keeping the passion alive and do what is needed for the business to grow.

Fiona Loh of Whiskdom

Growing up Fiona Loh had always been passionate about baking but the barrier to entry was the high turnover rate. She tells her story that when she graduated everyone told her to get a proper job and to stay in a secure environment. Fast forward to when COVID-19 hit and work from home was activated across industries. Fiona then spent a lot of time thinking about her life, rethinking things in general and focusing on what it means to have a well lived life.

Before she decided to start full time she floated the idea a few times with friends in the banking industry and property finance and most people told her to stay put. Understandable for many, they told her to be thankful to have a job during this time. The key message was not to rock the boat during the uncertainty. This spurred a new way of thinking and she realised to stop looking outwards for validation and think about her life and what she really wanted. 

“I thought to myself, it’s scary to live a life of comfort but what is even scarier is to live that has been planned out for you and not by you.” 

Fiona then decided to take matters, and her future into her own hands and charted her own path. With Whiskdom.

“Whiskdom is about delivering happiness, one box at a time. We wanted to create an experience” especially in the midst of a pandemic.

She didn’t expect the overwhelming support and response for her products with waitlists spanning months and hundreds of happy customers. While challenging in its own right, it has been fulfilling so far and she hasn’t regretted a single moment. 

How QuickBooks helps and enables Fiona

Being a small business owner is hard and various factors keep her up at night. Ever since starting her business full-time her mind constantly races and that alone keeps her up at night. She has to keep track of operations, profit and loss, staffing and much more.

Uncertainty in the midst of a pandemic is also something that weighs on her mind. A key question is how to ensure Whiskdom can continue to grow and grow sustainability through the years.  

Staying nimble, agile and accelerating digital transformation through use of technology is critically important for Fiona. Other key factors are automation and improving collaboration and utilizing tools that can assist with this.

QuickBooks’ smarter business tools allow Fiona to use data, including purchasing patterns and trends to forecast demand and make changes based on this. All this helps her save time with tasks, forecasts and much beyond bookkeeping and focus on fulfilling her dream – while allowing her business to grow and thrive. 

How QuickBooks can help you

As Singapore enters a new normal it is critical to future proof small businesses. QuickBooks smarter accounting tools help you adapt to changing times. 

By fulfilling all your accounting needs, QuickBooks allows you to get ahead and stay focused on what’s critically important. With the time saved, you can focus on future-proofing your business, be it implementing new processes, diversifying your offering or transforming your business model.

Wherever you are taking your business, get there quicker with Quickbooks. Get the free trial to see how QuickBooks can help you grow and thrive.

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