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Why You Need to Switch to Mobile to Run Your Business

Lira Razak June 1, 2017

Do you dread the end of month, just imagining the hours of work you have ahead of you creating invoices and balancing the books?

A good online accounting software package can provide a remedy and make this stress a thing of the past.

If you’re self-employed, running your own business is one way to have freedom, independence and happiness while supporting your family and creating financial stability.

For many self-employed people, the ‘business’ side of things can be overwhelming and frustrating. Many think updating technology is an unnecessary expense.

However, using outdated technology can hurt your business’s overall productivity and growth, which could lead to disaster. Not only could you be risking the security of your business information, but it could be costing you more to run older technology, and you could be missing out on new opportunities like automation and cloud computing.

Greater flexibility and freedom

By making the switch to mobile and embracing technology, small business owners and self employed workers can maximise flexibility and get things completed more efficiently. Time is always a precious resource so think about all of the savings you could achieve by keeping your accounting software updated, so you can spend more time on running your business and acquiring more customers. 

Modern technology allows many business owners to work on the go, and in places with a stable Wi-Fi connection. If you’re equipped with a mobile phone or tablet, you can set up at a client’s office, a coffee shop or even in your parked car to take care of most of your business responsibilities.

If you have the right support in place – in the form of automated processes and important business tools and services, such as those related to accounting, business and tax – you can save valuable time and energy and focus on your day-to-day work, doing what you do best.

How can QuickBooks Self Employed help?

With a mobile-first, online accounting app you can enjoy the freedom of running your business anywhere. You can easily:

  • Take photos of receipts to track cash flow
  • Automate bank feeds
  • Send quotes and invoices, and get them signed on the spot
  • Track sales and expenses

Switching to mobile can be beneficial

The benefits of using software like this include secure access anytime on any device, and your data is completely secure in the cloud, allowing you to run your business from your tablet or smartphone.

At the end of the quarter – or any time you like – you can also create accounting reports to share with your accountant or bookkeeper for their real-time advice. This also makes you ready for tax time, so you can avoid the EOFY headache.

We know that each business is unique and needs will vary. With different access packages to suit your business size and accounting requirements, you’ll find a solution to meet your needs.

If you’re keen to stay organised with cash flow, invoices and expense tracking, while balancing your freedom and flexibility with financial stability, consider QuickBooks Self-Employed, and spend your time and energy on what’s most important to you.

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