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Create Projects | Get started tutorial

Create Project Templates in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Create and use project templates in QuickBooks Online Accountant.
For an easy setup of projects and tasks, you can use the QuickStart templates in the Work menu. You can also create or customise templates to suit your firm or client’s needs. Use them on your recurring projects to have a consistent workflow and complete projects on time.

woman smiling and holding a laptop

Create a custom project template

Custom templates are templates you create. They're used to define tasks you need in a workflow. You can apply a custom template to multiple projects.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

  • From the left menu, under Your Practice, select Work.
  • Select Manage templates.
  • Select Create template and enter
 a template name.
creating a project template in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Step 2

  • Select Repeat to set up repeated due dates, and use the fields that appear to specify the interval between due dates.
  • Enter any information or notes for your team in the Details field.
project due dates and details in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Step 3

  • In the Tasks section, select Add a task. Enter a task name.
  • From the Due date ▼dropdown, select:
  • Set later to specify that the task due date is set when a project is set up.
  • Offset to tie the task due date to the project due date. Enter the number of days before the project due date that the task will be due.
  • Add all tasks you need to the template.
  • Select Save template.

You can check your saved template in
the Custom templates list on the Template screen.

 tasks in QuickBooks Online Accountant

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