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Enable Payroll automations

Learn how to enable Payroll automations on QuickBooks Payroll powered by Employment Hero.

A woman and man looking at a tablet and laptop screen.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Go to Payroll Settings

An image showing the payroll settings webpage.

Step 2: Click Pay Schedules

An image showing the pay schedules webpage.

Step 3: Click Add button in top right corner

An image showing the pay schedules webpage.

Step 4

Add your pay run details and frequency. Click next to be taken to the automated Payroll wizard and follow instructions.

An image showing the pay schedule set up.

Automated Payroll Wizard

Step 5: Auto pay schedule

Select the Payroll automation frequency that works for you and if timesheet data needs to be brought across.

An image showing a pop up containing frequency options for the pay run schedule.

Step 6: Warnings & notifications

Select your preferred notifications to stop the automation and who needs to be informed to complete an action before the payrun is finalised.

An image showing different warnings and notifications which can be set to stop a payrun.

Step 7: Pay run finalisation

Choose whether to immediately or manually finalise the pay run, and how to publish payslips, notify employees and generate reports.

An image showing the final stage of automated payroll wizard.

Step 8: Review & Complete

Check your configuration, click complete and you’ve set up your automated pay run.

An image showing the final review stage of the automated payroll wizard.

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