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7 smart marketing strategies for accountants

While marketing might not be your forte, getting it right not only helps you attract and generate new leads, it can also be a powerful way to keep your existing portfolio of clients loyal. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

1 Be proactive with referrals

Referrals are arguably one of the best acquisition strategies in accountancy, but don’t just presume word-of-mouth will be enough. For referrals to happen, you have to be proactive. Firstly, identify current clients that have expressed a high level of satisfaction working with you. Secondly, ask them if they know any businesses or individuals who may want or need your services. If they do, great – can they get you a personal introduction?

2 Host professional events

Hosting events for local professionals is a smart way to build relationships and win new clients – as well as adding value for existing ones. Formats could include presentations, workshops, conferences, webinars, or even business breakfasts. As well as giving you a chance to showcase your expertise, it’s also a great networking opportunity. By putting yourself in front of people face-to-face, you can more easily instigate a conversation, build a rapport, and get the ball rolling.

3 Build a strong website

Digital marketing is a key strategy for accountants today, and having a strong website is the foundation for its success. To ensure yours is both credible, informative, and persuasive, we recommended hiring a few professionals such as a designer, copywriter, and SEO expert. A great website should be easy to navigate and contain a ton of fresh, engaging content. Instead of using stock photos, get some taken of the team. For extra clicks, consider creating an intro video about who you are.

Financial advisor with client

4 Become a thought leader

Content marketing is a great way to attract new clients and add value for existing ones. By writing and sharing blogs on industry-related topics, you can demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and position yourself as the go-to accountancy firm in your community. As well as blogs, you could also try more in-depth formats such as e-books, opinion pieces, or thought-leadership from senior advisors in your team. Another strategy is to take an active part in conversations in professional LinkedIn groups or to become a regular contributor on Q&A platform Quora.

5 Send regular e-newsletters

If you’re not doing so already, creating and sending out regular e-newsletters to leads and clients – whether weekly, fortnightly, or even quarterly – is another effective acquisition strategy. Not only will you stay top of mind, but you can also grow relationships and add value. What can you write about? Your latest blog post, your firm’s successes, changes in the law, budget updates, new staff appointments – there’s always plenty of news worth sharing.

6 Engage on social media

The majority of your clients will likely be on social media, so if you haven’t created accounts for your firm, or barely use those you do have, it’s time to get active. What are the best social media platforms for accounting firms? LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the top picks. Make sure your profiles are complete, post new content regularly, and, most importantly, engage, engage, engage. Answer questions, respond to comments, and start conversations – think of it as networking without leaving your desk.

7 Gather testimonials

Last, but definitely not least, be proactive in gathering social proof – that is, written testimonials from happy clients. Hearing what positive things other people have to say about working with you is a sure-fire way to warm up those leads. You could also consider creating case studies to showcase client success stories. With this approach, facts and figures speak for themselves, so don’t leave them out. Once they’re done, get them out there by adding them to your website and sharing them on social media. While a little more expensive, it’s also worth considering traditional local offline media such as radio, TV, and even vehicle wraps and billboards. By investing in your marketing today, you can boost your firm’s bottom line tomorrow.

For more advice on how to grow your accounting firm, check out these resources.

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