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How to create an accounting newsletter that works

Email continues to deliver one of the highest returns on investment of all marketing channels . Email newsletters, in particular, are a great tool for manifesting old, new, and prospective client relationships. The good news is that creating one yourself is not at all as tricky as you may think. Here’s how to create an accounting newsletter that will actually generate results.

Know your audience

Every newsletter needs an audience. So, before sending your first one off, you will need to create a database of interested readers. Your existing client lists, for example, might be a good place to start. Also, by adding an ‘opt-in’ pop-up to your website, visitors will instantly be able to sign up to receive your updates. Spread the word via social media and consider search engine marketing (SEM) to drive more traffic to your website.

Email marketing tools

There are several email automation tools to help you manage the production and distribution of your accounting newsletter more efficiently. In addition to maintaining your email lists and designing your campaign, platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor also allow you to track campaign performance. This way you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Even better, using them is usually free for small businesses.

Subject lines

good subject line can yield serious results. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Most emails nowadays are opened on a mobile device, so make sure the recipient can read the entire subject line.
  • Don’t be generic: ‘Newsletter #34’, for example, is unlikely to grab anyone’s attention. Be creative!
  • Ask a relevant question: Questions like are “Are you ready for the EOFY?” are a great way to draw the reader in.
  • Use keywords: Keywords to use in an accounting newsletter subject line could be ‘news’, ‘update’, ‘planning’, and ‘statistics’.

Quality content

When creating content, it’s all about adding value for your reader. You could start creating a blog answering client questions and concerns, and share them via your newsletter. Articles you read for professional purposes might also be interesting to your audience. Keep note of any suitable online articles that you have enjoyed and incorporate them in your mail-outs, together with your thoughts. If money isn’t on your list of concerns, you could, of course, always employ a professional writer or agency to whip these things up for you.

Call to action

A call to action (CTA) is a button in your newsletter which encourages the reader to take immediate action, for instance, visit your website, sign up, purchase or participate in something. Limited-time incentives (e.g. free consultations) are a popular method to increase clicks and engagement. Curating an accounting newsletter is an effective and budget-friendly way to stay present for your clients in between appointments and raise your business’s profile among your target audience.

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