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Employees can now clock in and out using Swag

Employees can now clock in and out using Workzone

Employment Hero currently provides a number of ways to generate timesheets, including: employees clocking in and out via the web kiosk, importing timsheeets via external sources, through the employee portal, plus much more.

The number of Swag users are steadily increasing, so it only made sense that allowing staff to clock in and out using Swag should be the next option made available.

Why would employers provide this option to employees?

This option may not be suitable in all situations and that’s a decision that each business can make. We’re here to provide you with the flexibility to choose one or even a combination of methods that suits all your employee circumstances. For example, a business is comprised of:

  1. Full time staff that work in head office – no timesheets are required as the employees are set up as auto-pay;
  2. Part time and casual staff that work in head office – timesheets are generated by clocking in & out via Clock Me In (where the iPad is fixed in one location);
  3. Part time and casual merchandisers that visit multiple client sites per day and also need to record travel time separately – multiple timesheets are generated by clocking in & out via Swag.

The ease of being able to clock in & out via a smartphone at real time – rather than waiting until the completion of a shift to create a timesheet – is priceless to an employee. The added benefit of generating clocking activities via Swag and/or Clock Me In is that users can:

  • ‘peek in’ on employee clocking activities in real time via Live View; and
  • report on and export the clocking data using the Attendance Report (previously known as the Kiosk Activity Report).

I want this ASAP. What do I need to do?

This feature is not automatically enabled. To do this, go to Payroll Settings > Employee Portal Settings

The first step is to tick “Employees can clock in/out using Swag”. The sub-settings are then optional but will obviously determine the employee workflow when clocking in & out.

That’s it! Then just spread the word to your employees!

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As an employee, how does this work?

Once the Employee Portal Settings have been activated, the employee must install the latest version of Swag. Then:

Step 1: When logged in select the Work Pillar

Step 2: The employee dashboard will display a 'Clock In' option. Tap on 'Clock In'.

Step 3: The employee will be required to take a photo (if this setting has been enabled):

Step 4: The employee will tap on ‘Start Break’ (if they are required to capture break times) or tap on ‘Clock Out’ to finish their shift. Both activities will require a photo to be taken (only if this setting has been enabled):

That’s it. It’s as simple as that! Once the employee clocks out, the timesheet will generate in Employment Hero.

One last thing to point out with the Employee Portal Settings is that there’s an additional timesheet setting options to take into account this new functionality:

“Create and edit all timesheets” also include timesheets created via clocking in & out using Swag.

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