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QuickBooks Ledger - Powering your Less-Complex Clients

Designed specifically to support accountants with their low transacting or non trading clients, QuickBooks Ledger delivers efficiencies and cost savings. This new, purpose-built solution aims to streamline the accounting and lodgment process of these clients, saving the practice valuable time and increasing productivity.

Streamlining Your Accounting Workflow

QuickBooks Ledger automates manual workflows for low transacting or non-trading clients. Ledger streamlines accounts preparation, reduces time spent switching between accounting solutions, and efficiently manages clients all in one place - in QuickBooks Online Accountant. Additionally, since Ledger works the same as QuickBooks Online, adoption is easy and team onboarding and training is straightforward. 

Meeting Your Clients' Needs More Efficiently

With automated bank feeds and coding, Ledger ensures accountants are working with the latest and most accurate data at all times. Clients’ bank transactions flow into Ledger automatically, reducing manual data entry, and enabling access to real-time data. Accountants can manage their client’s books end-to-end, or invite their clients to log in to connect their bank feeds, review their transactions, or view their reports. As a part of the QuickBooks family, you can easily upgrade a client from Ledger to another QuickBooks Online plan to support their growing business.

Accelerating Firm Growth with Integration

Maximise opportunities to support your firm's growth using Ledger. Ledger automates time-consuming manual accounting workflows and supports seamless integration with QuickBooks payroll and QuickBooks tax for a powerful end to end solution. Time saved in the accounts preparation and lodgment process, frees up time for you to focus on high-value services for your clients. 

Significantly reduce the time spent on data entry work, increase operational efficiencies, and empower your clients with real-time financial insights. Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping and hello to cost-effective QuickBooks Ledger. 

Get in touch today to find out how QuickBooks Ledger can help transform your accounting workflows.

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