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What is blue sky thinking?

Blue sky thinking refers to brainstorming with no limits. With this approach to idea generation, ideas don’t need to be grounded in reality. 

Rather, blue sky thinking sessions are open to all creative ideas regardless of practical constraints. 

The allure of blue sky thinking is based on the premise that ideas beget more ideas. One person may come up with a blue sky idea that is completely impossible in your location or with your budget, but that idea may inspire another idea that may inspire another idea and so on. 

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Eventually, through this process, the goal is to stumble on some thoroughly feasible and innovative ideas. 

The phrase blue sky thinking may also apply in situations where you look at an issue with fresh eyes. 

For example, if you’re stuck on a problem, you may put it in front of a new group of employees or consultants to see what they come up with for a solution. Sometimes, a second set of eyes is just what you need. 

Also called big sky thinking, blue sky thinking is just one approach to creative thinking. If you need new ideas, you may want to consider the blue sky approach at your next brainstorming session.

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