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Trada By QuickBooks Holiday Market: Helping Wholesalers and Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season

From Oct 14 - 16 2022, Trada by QuickBooks – an online marketplace for wholesale products – will be running a three-day virtual promotion market called the Trada Holiday Market with more than 225 of its sellers running promotions. 

The October-November period is a great way to maximise margins and is one the biggest revenue driver for wholesalers and retailers alike. This is especially true for industries such as apparel, beauty and wellness, accessories, and food and beverage, which see increased consumer engagement during the later part of the year. 

In fact, a recent holiday shopping survey conducted by Intuit QuickBooks reported that seven out of ten consumers plan to maintain or increase spending. 

To celebrate the upcoming (and fast approaching) holiday season, Trada by QuickBooks is introducing the Trada Holiday Market from Oct 14 - 16 2022, to help sellers find customers and maximise wholesale revenue, while also helping retailers stock up their inventory at the best price before the holiday rush. 

Everything you need to know about the Trada by QuickBooks Holiday Market 

If you are a retailer

The Trada Holiday Market will match discounts offered by our sellers up to 10 percent to help you stock your store and prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Retailers will also get free shipping on all orders during the promotion. 

If you are a seller

You can register on Trada’s portal to create a promotion for the Trada Holiday Market. Promotions will be calculated as a percentage of the total order once a retailer has reached a pre-determined minimum order.

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How does Trada by QuickBooks match discounts offered by sellers?

If a seller runs a promotion offering a 15 percent discount during this period, Trada by QuickBooks will match the promotion up to 10 percent. This means that in total, retailers will get the initial discount offered by the seller as well as the matched promotion offered by Trada by QuickBooks.

Example: In this situation, the retailer will be offered a discount of 15 percent + 10 percent = 25 percent. 

Likewise, if a seller runs a promotion offering a 5 percent discount during this period, Trada by QuickBooks will match this discount by 5 percent, totalling a discount of 10 percent.

Both discounts will be automatically applied when retailers hit the promotion minimum set by the brand in your cart. 

The promotion applies to each participating seller’s entire product catalogue. Retailers will be able to access a list of all participating brands during the days of the Trada Holiday Market.

For more information on the Trada Holiday Market, please visit Happy shopping!

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