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Greedy price increase

Am I the only one shocked at just having been given a 71% price increase in my Online account?

Maybe Intuit think Brexit will be so good for us in the UK we can afford it?

None of the updates are of any use to me and the product is certainly not good enough to merit an increase of that size.

Yes they'll respond and say something slimy like "you can evaluate yourself what you want" or "move to another supplier".

Very helpful since they don't make it easy to move away or back to the more useful desktop version.

Not impressed!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Greedy price increase

Hello there, Mark Scot.


We're constantly striving to improve our system. We want to provide the best value and experience to you. That's why we're investing in the latest innovation and technology.


We're developing helpful and time-saving features. To know more about the latest developments, you can check our blog.


Please know that I'm only a post away if you have other questions. Happy holidays! 

Established Member

Re: Greedy price increase

I agree with the post  - this is greedy and actually Quickbooks is very much geered to the US market. Will be looking for a more reasonably priced software. 

Established Member

Re: Greedy price increase

I agree with you  - and now I seem to be stuck with them. Rubbish customer service because its geered to US market 

Experienced Member

Re: Greedy price increase

Yes this is a greedy price increase, they have updated their service apparently but like you, none of the updates I would use anyway. I don't connect to bank, always do the recons myself. Their customer service is appalling, you message them, I did get a response asking me for my account details and that was it, they left same day to go live on Mars as I haven't heard from them since, despite constantly e mailing them for answers.