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5 Ways to Get Return Customers

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If your customers unwrap their orders and can’t help but shout, “Look at all the great stuff they sent me!” you can be sure at some point, they’ll order again — and even tell some of their friends.

For two decades, my brother and I have helped companies increase their sales by focusing on improving conversion rates. The number-one secret in our arsenal for increasing conversion rates is to sell more to people who’ve already bought from you.

Prospects and buyers who interact with you via social and email are more likely to become customers with a higher lifetime value. This is because people prefer to buy from companies and people with whom they have a perceived relationship. They made that first initial leap to engage with you (or purchase from you); now you need to position yourself as the best answer to their future problems. Here are some ways to make sure they return to you.

Value Time

People value time more than they value money. Consider all the buzz about Amazon Go and its non-existent checkout lines. Find ways to make getting customers in and out of your store as convenient as possible.

One way to do this is by making your store — whether it’s brick-and-mortar or online — easy to navigate. Finding products should be intuitive. If it’s not, customers will go elsewhere.

Another way to speed up the process is to make checkout seamless. Take, for example, the Apple Store. There are no lines. Every employee carries around an Apple device and when you walk in the door, an employee puts your name in the queue. You wander the store until you reach the “front of the line” and someone comes over to help with whatever you need. If you’re purchasing something, they can complete the transaction right from their device. It’s painless, convenient and respectful of the customer’s time.

Track Inventory

Nothing frustrates a customer more than when you run out of the item they’re looking for. Whether you run a grocery store or a restaurant, you have to be intentional about the way you purchase and keep inventory on hand.

I was recently changing all the electrical outlets and switches in my kitchen. I went to a hardware store but they didn’t have nearly enough of the light switches in the color I needed. On the other side of the highway, the other hardware store did. Guess which one I go back to now.

Inventory tracking management, an available feature with QuickBooks POS, can help you ensure you stock what your clients demand.

Implement a Loyalty Program

People love rewards programs and incentives. Just look at the massive success Amazon has had with its Prime membership program.

Lick Ice Cream, my go-to shop in town, has a loyalty program that keeps me coming back. Theirs is based on how many scoops I buy, but not all loyalty programs have to be in the buy-10-get-one-free style. You could consider a VIP club or a way to send out freebies or coupons after customers spend a certain amount of money with your business. Structure a program that appeals best to your customers.


Schedule Reminders

If people consume your product on a regular basis, remind them when it’s time to purchase again. Maybe they need to do maintenance, resubscribe or change batteries. A friendly, well-worded email can prompt them to return to your store, or at the very least get your name in front of them again.

Tailor the email with specifics related to the customer, which you can keep track of in your CRM. I appreciate when I get an email reminder from my vet letting me know that my puppy Hero’s heartworm medication is due for refill.

Be Memorable

Provide exceptional experiences that customers want to share. You already know who your target audience is, but get to know them better. What value do you bring to them? Create specific personas so you — and everyone from the boardroom to the stockroom — can better empathize with customers.

You’re trying to make everyone who buys from you an advocate, a five-star reviewer and a returning customer, so engage them by soliciting their feedback. Ask them what you can do to make their experience better. Map out the experience from the beginning starting with how the customer found you.

Use these strategies to keep customers coming back. You’ll see your sales numbers improve as a result.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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