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Level 3

Inventory in a grid?

Dear All,

We are a small lingerie company looking to move our records from Excel to something more advanced.

We have been advised QB as bookkeeping app. However we also need an inventory management app.

One that can support barcode reading both at in and out, differentiated prices in several currencies etc.

But what I am looking for specifically is an app that can show (and interact with) inventory in a grid form.

We sell bras. Each bra has, colour, size and cup size. So, if art. nr. X comes in 2 colours, each in 5 sizes and each size in 4 cup sizes, this means that inventory of X will take 40 lines. On the other hand, if it can be viewed and interacted with as a grid (see example attached) it will take only 2 neat 5-by-4 grids.

Could someone please suggest an inventory management/stock management app that can show stock in this form?

QuickBooks Team

Inventory in a grid?

Welcome to the Online Community, SGI.


 I'm glad to know you're considering QuickBooks to help with your accounting needs.


Aside from bookkeeping, we also integrate with different apps to enhance the inventory management process. We treat all businesses fairly and I know each one has different needs.

I’m unable to personally suggest which one you should use. However, I can assist in finding one that supports barcode reading.


You can narrow down your search, by browsing the application per category or enter a keyword in the search field. To access the site, enter this link in your browser:


Let me know in the comment box if you have additional questions about QBO. I’m always ready to answer them for you. Have a great rest of the day.

Level 13

Inventory in a grid?


You should have an inventory mamagement app with the matrix inventory feature and integrate it with your QBO. You may start exploring from these apps


Hope it helps.