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Invoice Design Template

Hi we used to use the QB labs tool to import invoice templates and build bespoke templates but that function is no longer available 

QuickBooks Team

Invoice Design Template

Hi Bradley07, we removed the Import Style feature due to issues with user-friendliness and limited overall usage, however, we still have some great templates that you can make use of when customising your own invoice. :woman_technologist:

Level 1

Invoice Design Template

HI Georgina, 


Thanks for coming back to me, its a shame to see that as we used it quite a bit for our clients, where they moved over from Sage as some of them need to print in very specific ways for deliver notes or waste transfer documents. Thought it was a great function when we saw it removed we were hoping it would be integrated into the software properly. 


The way the current design editor works is very limited and cannot be customised in the same way. I understand this will only apply to a very small percentage of users but was a great tool non the less, hopefully someone will be able to recommend a work around other wise we will have to keep the remaining clients on sage much to their disappointment! 


Invoice Design Template

Good day, Bradley07.


The option to print a specific template for delivery notes isn't available in QuickBooks Online. You may want to look for a third-party application that can help you achieve this task. There are plenty of applications or apps developed by third-party businesses that sync or integrate with your QuickBooks account. These apps can extend account functionality and provide additional services for your business.


To find a tool for pricing rules, perform the steps below:


  1. Login to
  2. From the left menu, select Apps.

Please get back to the Community if you have any questions or need help with the processes in QuickBooks. Our door is always open and I'm here to help you at any time. Click the Reply button below to notify me. Have a wonderful day!

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