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Convert Purchase Order or Bill to an Estimate

This may seem a strange one, but we have a business requirement to convert a Purchase Order (or a Bill) to an Estimate (to a different entity).  I can only see how to copy a PO to a Bill, copy a PO, Copy a Bill, or convert an Estimate to a Purchase Order (opposite route).  Is there a functionality to create an estimate from either a PO or Bill?


Convert Purchase Order or Bill to an Estimate

Thanks for checking out the Community, Chrispotter


Currently, this functionality is unavailable in QuickBooks Online. As a workaround, you can manually create the estimate. Then, add a note or memo to indicate that it's based on the bill or purchase order. I'll guide you how:


  1. Select the + New button.
  2. Select Estimate.
  3. Select a customer from the Customer dropdown.
  4. If the work has already started, select a status from the Pending drop-down menu. 
  5. Set the estimate and expiration date.
  6. Enter products and services you plan to sell.
  7. Enter the memo and other necessary information.
  8. When you're ready, click Save and close or Save and send.


Alternatively, you'll want to go to our QuickBooks App Market or head to the Apps menu in your QBO account to find a third-party app that best suits your business needs.


I'm also adding these articles to learn how to personalize and convert an estimate to an invoice: 


 If there's anything else that I can help you with, please don't hesitate to visit us again. Have a good one.

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Convert Purchase Order or Bill to an Estimate

Hello @KlentB 

Did you mean to post this "resolution" on my thread?  You've referenced someone else, but also a resolution isn't solved if the feature is unavailable.


QuickBooks Team

Convert Purchase Order or Bill to an Estimate

Hello Chrispotter, apologies that the previous agent addressed it to the wrong person, what they have said is correct for your post as they have provided you with a workaround as what you are wanting is not an available feature. 

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