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Paid subscription not recognised on log in

Yesterday I made a quickbooks self employed account and signed up for the 50% 4 month discount. Everything went fine, I logged in, connected my bank accounts and started processing transactions and added previous statements. This was all on my PC. This morning I downloaded the self employed app on my phone and signed in. The app told me I needed to choose a subscription or start a free trial which didn't make sense as I'd been using my account the previous day. I went to my PC and signed in there and was confronted with a pull down menu asking for my payment details so I could pay for a subscription. Incidentally this pop up was asking me to pay £6+vat which doesn't align with any previous prices I'd seen. 


I was pretty sure I hadn't blacked out yesterday and dreamed about accounting software so I checked my bank statement and I can see £4.80 labled as Intuit - Quickbooks so I've clearly been billed for the start of my subscription but I cant log in and see the account I was looking at yesterday.

I tried calling sales but they're not open until Monday. What's my best course of action with this?



QuickBooks Team

Paid subscription not recognised on log in

Welcome to QuickBooks Community, @CASHEYE.


Let's make sure that you log in using the correct credentials when signing in to your QBSE account


If you can't still access the paid account, I highly recommend reaching out to our Customer Care team. They can take a better look at your account to determine what's preventing you to log in. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. From the Assistant tab, type your concern. Example: Paid subscription not recognised on login.
  3. Then, type Talk to a Human and click the Get help from a human option.
  4. Choose either Chat or Callback.


To get assisted on time, please see our support hours page. 


Also, you can always visit our Help articles page to seek sources to guide you in performing any QuickBooks tasks. Simply type a keyword of your concern on the search field and let the system show related articles to help you. 


Post again here if you have other questions about accessing your QuickBooks Self Employed account. I'll be around to help. Keep safe. 

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