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Quickbooks subscription - keeps failing

Hi, I have just gone self-employed and have been using the trial version, however when I now try to subscribe to the self employed package - i get an error message 'Oops! Your order was unsuccessful.'  I have tried two different bank accounts and both direct debit & debit card options and all fail.  After an hour on the phone this afternoon I was passed from one person to another none of who could answer and solve my question.  Can someone please help - my trial ends tomorrow and I don't want to have to enter everything again if i can help it.


Many Thanks - T


Quickbooks subscription - keeps failing

Allow me to join you here and share details about this error, Tia.


I also appreciate trying multiple payment options to check if that would go through.  


Upon checking on our records, I can see that we have an open investigation about this error when subscribing to QuickBooks Self-Employed. This means that our engineers are already working to resolve the issue since multiple customers are also getting the same error.


I understand that you already reached out to our support team about this issue. However, I recommend reaching out to them again since we have to add you to the list of affected users. You can provide this INV numbers as reference: 

  • INV-74691
  • INV-75917
They can also get your payment details and update it on our records. Here's out to reach out to them:
  1. Click Assistant in the upper-right hand corner of your QBSE account.
  2. Type in "talk to a human" and press Enter.
  3. Click See examples, then type in a keyword.
  4. Press Enter and click I still need a human.
  5. Select between Message an agent or Get a callback
Everyone on the list will receive an email notification as soon as the issue is resolved. 


Let me know if you're able to reach out to them and put in the payment details. You can also post more questions if you need anything else.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks subscription - keeps failing


Another option, pay it by Paypal. Please note, discounted rates do not apply when purchasing a trial account.




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