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Should I give my accountant full access on QB ?

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Should I give my accountant full access on QB ?

It depends on your accountant reputation.

QuickBooks Team

Should I give my accountant full access on QB ?

Hello, @PS1211.


The level of access you wish to grant your accountants depends on how you want them to handle your financial records. I recommend reviewing the User roles and access rights in QuickBooks Online to explore the various user options and permissions available for your team.


To invite a new user, follow these steps:


  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Manage users.
  2. Click Add user, then enter the user’s name and email address.
  3. Choose the role you want to assign to the user from the Roles ▼ drop-down list.
  4. Review the features associated with the chosen role by expanding each section.
  5. Select the applicable Account management settings for the chosen role.
  6. Click Send invitation.

New users will receive an invitation to join the company. They should click the Let’s go! link in the email to create a new Intuit Account or sign in if they already have one.


If your accountant already has a QBO Accountant account, you can also invite them to help manage your QuickBooks account. With access to your company, they can review your books, make corrections, and collaborate on any issues. Accountant users have additional privileges that allow them to undo entire reconciliations, reclassify transactions, and write off invoices. They can also use accountant-specific tools to assist you with tax preparation.


For more information on managing users in QuickBooks, please refer to this article: Learn how to add, manage, or delete user profiles.


If you have further questions about managing user access in QBO, feel free to ask here, and I'll be happy to assist you. Have a great day!

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