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Hello! I had quickbooks online on my android phone with a paid subscription on google play store. I moved over to iphone and deleted my subscription thinking I could resubscribe on the App Store. So at the moment I really can’t see how to subscribe again to access my full account. Has anyone had any issues like this or is there a way I can contact customer support? 



Hi Ross135,


Thank you for seeking help with re-subscribing to QuickBooks on Google Play and for transferring your subscription to the App Store.


I recommend contacting Google Play to see if there's a way to re-subscribe. They'll be able to assist you on this since the subscription was paid through them.


I'm also unable to provide information if there's a way to transfer the billing from Google Play to App Store since they work independently from us.


The only thing we can assist is to transfer the billing from Google Play or App Store to Intuit. That option is also available on your Billing & Subscriptions page.


You can also reach out to our QBO Support so they can review your account and assist with transferring your billing.


  1. Go to Help and click the Search tab.
  2. Click Contact Us at the bottom.
  3. Enter a summary of the issue: transfer subscription.
  4. Click Continue and choose a way to contact us: Chat or Request a callback.


Let me know if you have other questions in mind. Take care and have good one.

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Hi JessT,


Thank you for the prompt reply.


Yes, I will contact them first and hopefully they can let me subscribe again.


Can I change the billing to Intuit without having to subscribe to Google again? I have no options on the Billing & Subscriptions page at the moment. I take it this will change if I can subscribe with Google again. 

Thank you for that. I guess the first step is to contact Google then I can change the billing. 

Thanks for your help. Have a good one too. 

QuickBooks Team


Hello, Ross135. You're always welcome to go back here for any follow-up questions about the QuickBooks subscription. We'll be glad to answer them for you.


Please know that Google is not associated with us. That's why there's no option to change it on the Billing & Subscriptions page. As mentioned by my colleague above, you'll need to contact them for assistance.


Open these resources to learn how to update your subscription or make changes to your billing information:



Feel free to browse common topics that will guide you in working with us. Just make sure to select the correct product you're using to generate matters intended for you.


This should confirm the need to contact Google first. If you have any other concerns about QuickBooks products or tasks, let me know. I'll be here to help you.

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