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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

I have been trying to import bank transactions using the upload function and I manage to choose the OFX file to upload and the account I want to upload it to when I click continue I get the following message: Uploading this file may cause duplicate transactions to appear at some time in these account(s): Main Current Account -  If you continue, the account(s) will be set to No Automation. Are you sure you want to continue? I want to press continue but the option is dimmed and there doesn't seem to be a way to continue. I have been contacting support all morning both through chat and phone and am not getting any response. Anybody got any ideas how to solve this. I get the same result with both Safari and Firefox on the Mac

QuickBooks Team

Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

Hello and welcome to the QuickBooks Community, JulianT


When importing bank transactions into QuickBooks Online, we find that a CSV file type is the most compatible option (since you're using a Mac, make sure to save the file as Windows CSV file). 


If your bank only allows export in OFX, you can try using an online file converter to get your data in a CSV format. For full steps and tips on formatting CSV files of bank transactions in QBO, please see here


Thanks for reaching out on the Intuit QuickBooks Community today. If you need any further support, just get back in touch below!

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Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

Many thanks for your response. Has there been a change in QB as we have been uploading OFX files since we started using QB. The challenge we have with CSVs is that there is a tendency to import errors especially if the character encoding is slightly different or there are no leading zeros on decimal amounts.

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Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks


You can use the ofx2qbo converter tool as a workaround. It's a one time license.



QuickBooks Team

Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

You can still upload your bank transactions using the OFX file, JulianT. Let me add further details about importing data to QuickBooks Online(QBO).


Let's perform basic troubleshooting steps to isolate this unexpected behavior you've encountered when importing OFX bank files to QuickBooks Online. I recommend applying the ideas below:


  • Save the OFX file to a new sheet
  • Review the OFX file and check if those duplicates are valid transactions
  • Re-import them into the QBO Banking page


Otherwise, if your bank exclusively provides PDF files, we recommend converting them to one of QBO's supported formats using a third-party application. This step ensures that your financial data is accurately adapted into QuickBooks forma. You can discover a range of reliable third-party converter tools designed specifically for this purpose on the Apps menu in your QuickBooks account. Let me guide you.


  1. In QuickBooks, go to Apps
  2. Select Find Apps
  3. In the search bar, enter a keyword related to PDF conversion.


Alternatively, you can explore online resources to find a converter that suits your accounting needs. Moreover, I'll share this article to help you get insights on importing bank transactions: Common questions about importing data to QBO.


Once everything is good, you can review and reconcile your transactions to ensure they match your bank and credit card statements. For a detailed process, refer to these resources:



Let us know in the comments if you need further assistance importing your bank transactions to QBO. We'd be glad to lend a hand again.

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Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

This problem seems to have resolved itself. I tried again this morning and the OFX import works again. Thanks for all your help


Can not import OFX files to Quickbooks

You're always welcome, JulianT.
We're glad we helped you with your importing issue and happy to know it's already been resolved.


Reach back to us again if you need extra help with managing your transactions, or if you have any other questions, feel free to post here anytime. We're always here to assist you and your business. Take the best care!

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