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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Credit Card Transactions

Hi there,

All purchases made using my credit card that automatically come across to Quickbooks are being detailed one day later than they were actually made. Why is this happening, and how do I correct this. As it needs to be correct as I am on the Cash Accounting Vat Scheme, and purchases need to fall into the correct months to be included in the right vat quarter.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Credit Card Transactions

Welcome to the Community, @Cat987654321.


Transactions that’ll be downloaded to your QuickBooks Online account are dependent on the date when it will be posted in your bank statement. 


We’ll download the latest transactions every night around 10 PM PT. For most banks, transactions are usually available for QuickBooks to download the day after they post to your bank's website. 


Some may take a little longer depending on your bank.


You can perform a manual update to get the latest available transactions. Just go to the Banking menu and click Update. This will update all of your bank and credit card accounts. 


Check this article for more information: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


I'm always here if you need further help with your bank transactions. Take care and have a wonderful day!

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Credit Card Transactions

@Cat987654321- which bank are you connecting and getting your credit card transactions from please ?

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Credit Card Transactions


The credit card transactions are via Barclaycard commercial, the dates are always wrong, they are between 1-3 days out to what they appear on my credit card statement.

Any help would be much appreciated

many thanks

QuickBooks Team

Credit Card Transactions

Thanks for coming back, @Cat987654321.


Since you've already tried manually updating your Barclaycard account in QuickBooks, I'd recommend contacting our support. This way, we can check with your bank and investigate further.


Here's how to reach out:

  1. In your QuickBooks, go to (?) Help.
  2. Enter "bank error" in the Type something field at the bottom.
  3. Tick Contact Us. Select QuickBooks Online in the pop up window.
  4. Hit Search for something else, then type "bank error" in the Ask us anything field.
  5. Click Search, then choose either Get Phone Number or Start a Message.

I'm also attaching these handy articles below for more details about bank transactions. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to fix bank-related errors.


Let us know if you have other questions or concerns. You can always count on us here in the Community. Take care and have a good one!

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