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David Ogilvie
Level 1

Deleted reconciled entries

I have deleted a previously reconciled entry and am now trying to do my next reconciliation, but I get the message 'Your account isn't ready to reconcile yet'. On investigation, I have an entry that had been reconciled and then deleted. I can see the entry on the Audit History but it will not let me reverse the reconciliation, which will hopefully clear the problem. Any ideas?

QuickBooks Team

Deleted reconciled entries

It's nice to see you here in QuickBooks Community, David. Let me walk you through the process to recover the deleted reconciled transaction in QuickBooks Online. I'll also ensure you can accomplish your next reconciliation smoothly.


Since you've mentioned that you have deleted the previously reconciled entry, please know that reversing it automatically in QuickBooks isn't possible. Instead, I recommend recreating the transaction in QBO using the details shown on the Audit log.


Once you've added the transaction in QuickBooks, you have to go to the Account History page and manually reconcile the entry.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Gear icon at the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Chart of accounts.
  3. Choose the specific bank account and click the Account history link under the Action column.
  4. Locate the entry and reconcile it by going to the Checkmark column. Then, click until the blank changes to an R which means reconcile.
  5. Click Save.


After that, you can now perform your next reconciliation without any unexpected message. 


Lastly, refer to this article if you need additional guidelines that'll help you fix any reconciliation issue that you might encounter: Learn the reconcile workflow in QuickBooks.


If there is anything else you need aside from reconciliation, feel free to post a reply. I'm here to guide you, David. Have a good day!

David Ogilvie
Level 1

Deleted reconciled entries

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, re-entering the entry will not solve the problem, as the entry is not required, and will result in a balance difference between QB and the Bank. Do you know how the original problem can be resolved?

QuickBooks Team

Deleted reconciled entries

It's my pleasure to help you today with your reconciliation issue,  David. 


Let's ensure that the beginning balance accurately reflects the starting point of your reconciliation period. It is essential to verify that all transactions from the previous period have been correctly entered into QuickBooks Online.


On the other hand, If the account open balance is correct and it is just the deleted transaction that is causing the issue and the transaction should be in the reconcile, then you can recreate it. 


See this article for more details and fixes: Fix issues for accounts you've reconciled in the past in QuickBooks Online.


Furthermore, I still suggest consulting your accountant or a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. That way, they can guide you with the appropriate process and ensure the accuracy of your books.


Once everything is good, you may continue reconciling your account in QBO. You can refer to the following steps for reference:



If there is anything else you need aside from reconciliation, feel free to post a reply. I'm here to guide you. Take care. 

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