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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Do I have to wait 48hours to update my bank due to (9999) code showing

Can't update my bank - showing error code (9999) and told it may take 48 hours to fix .  I can connect to my bank OK outside of Quickbooks,  What can I do???
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Do I have to wait 48hours to update my bank due to (9999) code showing

I am having the same issue in the UK.  Havent been able to update the bank for 2 days.  This has happened after I wasnt able to log in to QB online at all at one point on Monday.

Dont see the point in phoning QB - they are never any help anyway, just have to live in hope that it will get resolved sooner rather than later.

QuickBooks Team

Do I have to wait 48hours to update my bank due to (9999) code showing

I can see the need for the automatic update of bank transactions. I'll help get this resolved so we can fix this, info2041, Teresa742.


QuickBooks downloads the latest available transactions every day. The exact time of download will depend on your bank, but you can manually update your accounts anytime to get the most recent transactions.  May I know what is the name of your bank?


At the moment, we can manually update the bank feed connection instead of waiting for 48 hours. This updates all of your connected bank and credit card accounts and adds your new transactions. To do so, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to Transactions.
  2. Select Bank transactions.
  3. Select Update.
  4. Once the update finishes, check the For review tab to see if it's already updated.

Also, please know that if the connection between your online bank and QuickBooks expires, QuickBooks won't be able to bring in bank transactions until you reconfirm your consent. You can disconnect it and establish the connection again. To know more about this, I have this handy article that you can read to give you more details: Fix Missing Bank Transactions in QuickBooks Online.



In the meantime, to keep up with the latest bank transactions, consider doing a manual upload. Go through this article for the step-by-step process: Manually Upload Transactions Into QuickBooks Online.


Please drop by the Community again if you have additional questions about the error 9999.  I'll be right here to help. Have a good day ahead!

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