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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Hi can I link my sum up account?

Can I link my sum up account so all my transactions upload automatically?
QuickBooks Team

Hi can I link my sum up account?

Hi,  jodie-howe.


Currently, linking our sum-up account isn't supported. I suggest reaching out to our financial institution support team to verify if they can integrate with QuickBooks to auto-download the transactions.


In the meantime, if possible, we can manually upload your transactions so we can still keep track of your income and expenses. Please check this article on how to perform the steps: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


I'm adding this article as our future references once your bank is connected and transactions are downloaded to QuickBooks, we're now ready to review and categorize them. We can also reconcile your account to keep your books and balances in place.


Please don't hesitate to get back to me if we need more help managing your bank transaction. I'm always here ready to lend a helping hand. Keep safe and have a good one!

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Hi can I link my sum up account?

Hi it's now 2024 and we still can't link our sum up payments or a chase bank account which are pretty standard especially sum up we need to be able to down load a payout date and money and fees much like we can do with PayPal? 
So why can't we? 
Kind regards 

QuickBooks Team

Hi can I link my sum up account?

I'd like to join you here and offer help with your banking concerns, Exotictramp.


It's possible that SumUp isn't added as participating financial institution yet. This is why you can't see it when trying to sync the account. 


As a workaround, you can ask for a CSV copy of your transactions from them and import it in QBO. I'd be glad to share all the steps with you. 


First, make sure to use either a 3-column or 4-column format of your CSV file. This is to make sure that it will be compatible and will be imported successfully.



Here's an article that adds more details about this: Format CSV Files in Excel to Get Bank Transactions into QuickBooks.


Second, follow these steps on how to import the SumUp transactions into your account: 


  1. Go to the Banking or Transactions menu and go straight to the Banking tab.
  2. Select Upload transactions and choose Select files.
  3. Look for the CSV file and choose Open.
  4. Click Continue and look for the savings account that you created.
  5. Choose Continue and select a format.
  6. Follow the next prompts to import the file.



Additional details are also shared in this article: Manually Upload Transactions Into QuickBooks Online.


In the meantime, you can request for SumUp to be added to the list of participating banks for online banking. Here's how:


  1. Go back to the Banking menu.
  2. Select Connect account.
  3. Search for the name of your bank or financial institution. Once QuickBooks is unable to find your bank, you will get the message, "Hmm, we can’t find [name of the bank you entered] in our list of supported banks," and you will be presented with helpful tips to try and locate your bank account.
  4. Click Select Request.
  5. Enter your bank's name and web address (URL) in the field provided, then select Request.


Let me know if you're able to add your transactions in QuickBooks. The Community is always here if you need anything else. 

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