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How to set up petty cash

I would like to set up a Petty cash account in quickbooks for self-employed but can't see how to do it. Can you help

QuickBooks Team

Re: How to set up petty cash

Good day, Denver.

It's a pleasure to see you here in the Community. I can point you in the right direction on how to set up a petty cash account.

In QBSE, you can only use the Cash account when tracking transactions. Since you’ll need to create the petty cash account, you may want to consider subscribing to QuickBooks Online.

You can use the trial version to play around with the program, without affecting your books. To subscribe, simply visit this website:

If you wish to continue using QBO Plus, you have the option to cancel the current subscription. For the detailed instructions, check out this link: Cancel your QuickBooks Self-Employed subscription.

We strive to deliver products that are well-suited to our customers' needs. Your suggestions are helpful in identifying the features our customers want the most for consideration in future enhancements.


You can send feedback through the following link:


Thanksfor giving me the opportunity to help. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have questions about working in QBSE. I'm here to answer them for you.

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Re: How to set up petty cash

What is QBO, Ive only got the choice of self-employed which I have, Essentials or Plus. I though all of these were 'Online' packages/apps

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Re: How to set up petty cash

Hi Denver,


Thank you for contacting the Community.


QuickBooks Self Employed is a different product to Essentials or Plus, as they are targeted towards Small Businesses. As Self Employed records Self Assessments via the SA103F and the Small Business products (Essentials and Plus) record VAT they are separate products, and as my colleague mentioned you would need to create a different account to add petty cash accounts. 


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. :)

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Re: How to set up petty cash

Dear Qbooks,


I have read a few replies on this topic, and I think what you are saying is that you cannot set up a separate petty cash account on QuickBooks Self Employed. Is that right?

How do we log cash transactions?




QuickBooks Team

Re: How to set up petty cash

Hello Anna,


The Self Employed product already comes with a Cash account as standard - you will not need to add this on.







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Re: How to set up petty cash

Thanks Talia,


My bank accounts are connected to the cash account. Can I change this?

I need to set up a petty cash account, or be able to log transactions where I've handed over notes and coins!

Can you tell me how I do that?

When I try and add an account, it just directs me to the page where you connect a bank account.


Very best


QuickBooks Team

Re: How to set up petty cash

Thanks for coming back to the Community, Annalouise.

Allow me to chime in and provide some additional information about adding accounts in QBSE.

You’re correct! QBSE automatically directs you to the Connect another account page. The option to add any accounts is currently unavailable since QBSE is not a double-entry bookkeeping program and doesn't contain registers.

You may want to consider upgrading to QBO, so you can track transactions and categorize them appropriately. To learn more about the program, use the online sample company or try the trial version.

From there, you can play around or use the features without affecting your real records.

This should point you in the right direction about tracking petty cash account.

Keep me posted if you have additional questions or any other concerns. Please know I’m always ready to assist further. Have a good one.