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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Navid Zafar
Level 1

HSBC Bank Feed Connectivity Issue

Two of our companies have an account with HSBC Bank. When CEO attempts to reconnect the bank account, the system displays the bank accounts linked to Ready Group Holdings instead of the current bank accounts associated with Ready Group Limited.

How to fix this?


QuickBooks Team

HSBC Bank Feed Connectivity Issue

Hello Navid Zafar, thanks for posting on the Community


If an account doesn't show on the banks site when connecting, this usually means the account isn't supported for Open Banking services. 


What is the specific account type associated with Ready Group Limited (e.g. business current account) and when was this last updated successfully in QuickBooks? 

Navid Zafar
Level 1

HSBC Bank Feed Connectivity Issue

Hi Georgia,

Thanks for your quick response.

Please note that there are four accounts that needs to be connected in the bank feed 1- Current HK$ 2- Savings HK$ 3- Foreign Currency Accounts (Japanese Yen) 4- Credit Card Account. And last successful update was in June 2023.

Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

HSBC Bank Feed Connectivity Issue

Accessing banking transactions allows for convenient and efficient data entry. Let's work together to resolve any issues you may be experiencing with online banking, Navid.


I also wanted to ask if you're using the same login info for both companies.


If not, you'll want to type in the correct credentials to make sure the accounts for Ready Group Limited would show up.


If you have the same login details, proceed to these troubleshooting steps to make sure you'll see the accounts:


  • Confirm that you can access the bank's website outside of QuickBooks Online (QBO) to check if the bank is currently undergoing any maintenance.
  • Verify the spelling of the bank's name and ensure that it matches exactly as it appears on its official website.
  • Try a different web browser or device in case it's a browser-specific connectivity issue. Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are all compatible with QBO.
  • You can also clear your browser cache/cookies as outdated files can prevent linking. Use this article as a guide: Clear Cache and Cookies to Fix Issues When Using QuickBooks Online.


For more detailed information, refer to the following article: Find Your Bank or Credit Card Account When You Connect to Online Banking.


For additional resources, check out this article as well: What To Do If You Can’t Find Downloaded Transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Please don't hesitate to join us back in the Community if you have any other questions or issues related to online banking and transactions in QuickBooks Online. I'd be glad to offer my help anytime you need it.

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