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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
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Invoice payments by card


I currently use Square terminal for card payments against QBO invoices.

I want to allow credit/debit card payments as an option on my invoices that can be paid online, I know this can be done via GoCardless and Paypal, it's a huge shame Square isn't an option.

I don't want people to pay using their paypal account, But fine by credit/debit card managed by paypal, can the paypal account option be disabled but still allow paypal by credit/debit?


Also except transaction fees for GoCardless is there any other costs eg monthly for using direct debit feature and I assume automated payments comes under this with the 3% +20p ?

Is there any other pay customers can pay invoice online?



Invoice payments by card

Hi there, accounts-2upc-co.


Allowing the credit/debit card for payments as an option would be a great help to get way you want to handle the payments from your customers. 


However, we're unable to disable our PayPal account while allowing credit/debit in use. I see this isn't the feature or option you want to utilize within your QuickBooks company. We can send this suggestion to our Product Team. They will gather details about this, evaluate your idea to implement this option in the future. Go to the Gear icon> select Feedback.


GoCardless for QuickBooks has a plan name and its price. I'd recommend checking the chart below. 


If you have additional queries when collecting payments using this platform, I'd suggest contacting GoCardless Support. We can review their contact details under the App information section. We can also find the screenshot above in this article: GoCardless for QuickBooks


And, yes, there is another option. We can look for another supported application to get this done. We can visit QuickBooks Online App Store to search for a third-party application and integrate it with QuickBooks.


 Also, we can read through this link for additional details about managing sales and customers in QBO: Topics about your company's income and customers.


Feel free to utilize the Reply button if you have additional concerns about handling customer payments. I'm here to help anytime.

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Invoice payments by card


Thanks for tbis, very helpful.

I will avoid Paypal due to issues current and past use of their behaviour as a seller on eBay in past.


I have been told by my accountant that QBO support can likely help me customise my invoices that can't be done using the standard tool.


On my website I have a payment portal link that is generated by Square, can I ask support to help me get that on my invoice template as a button?


Also I assume GoCardless charge monthly if use direct debit for collection as they do outside of QBO but I can look at what you said.




Invoice payments by card

Thanks for the prompt reply, @accounts-2upc-co.


You can edit or create new custom form styles for your invoices. Though, customisation steps are slightly different for other editions of QuickBooks Online.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Under the Your Company heading, choose Custom Form Styles.
  3. Select a sales form type you want to create a template for.
  4. Or click the Edit button to manage your custom templates.


For complete steps, see this article: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Also, I'd suggest contacting the Square Support Team if there's a button that you need to turn on for your invoice template and make it a button. This way, you can easily integrate them with your invoice template in QuickBooks.


For the GoCardless payments, there are specific monthly payments if you subscribe to StandardPlus, and Pro plans. For the complete details, you can visit this article: GoCardless for QuickBooks.


You can check out these articles for more details on how to manage invoices in QuickBooks: 



You can always visit our QuickBooks Community page if you have questions. I will be here to help. Have a great day!

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Invoice payments by card


Thanks again,


I already have a button on my website to take payments, it is only a link.

Also I have already customised my QBO invoice template but not able to add a button with link.

The link is:


But I am hoping I can make this a button on my quickbooks online invoices I send by email rather than just a link as it loojs messey?




Invoice payments by card

Thanks for getting back here, @accounts-2upc-co. Let me route you to the right support to properly addressed your invoice template payment button concern. 


For app-related concerns such as adding additional buttons in QuickBooks Online (QBO), it would be best to go to our Intuit Developers Community page and post your question there. This is a separate forum where you can interact with several program experts, fellow developers, and engineers. They can provide more insights and details on how to add a button with a link to your online invoices. Let me guide you on how:


  1. Head to our Intuit Developer forum page.
  2. Then, select QuickBooks Online under What do you need help with?
  3. Next, click the Ask a Question button.
  4. You'll be asked to sign in to your existing Intuit Developer Account or create one.
  5. From there, enter a brief description of your concern.
  6. Select the Ask option to proceed. 


I've also attached this helpful resource that you can use as a reference in managing customer payments in QBO: Take and process payments in QuickBooks Online.


I'm just a post away if you have any other concerns about invoice templates in QuickBooks. Don't hesitate to leave a reply below. Have a good day ahead. 

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