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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Level 3

Open banking with HSBC - unable to proceed

Hi Rightclean, I just want to say that I have contacted both HSBC and QB again today and neither of whom seem able to offer any timescales around when this open banking issue will be fixed.  If I had a problem with a customer and could offer them no approximate timescales for when it would be sorted I wouldn't have any customers left.  In situations when businesses need to really keep a close eye on cash flow this really isn't good enough is it, when Open Banking feeds from QB to other banks appear to be working perfectly.

Level 2

Open banking with HSBC - unable to proceed

Hi all,


I'm surprised that the QB Team hasn't mentioned this sooner, but you can now connect both your credit card and your main debit account for HSBC.  For the moment you can *only* connect your "Business A/C" using the Quickbooks Online website.  If you want to connect your "Commercial Card" (Credit Card) you must do it using the App instead.


I've just tested this out on an Android phone and can confirm it works.  Hopefully we can do this via the website soon, but until then please download the QuickBooks App and do it there.

Gareth Bouch
Level 1

Open banking with HSBC - unable to proceed

I am unable to 'reconnect' my HSBC account. 


First I get this message...


"This account stopped syncing because there's a new way to connect it.

To fix this, go to the bank or account site in the window we open. Sign in, then return here. (350)"


Then if I click on the button I get a popup which asks me to input my (HSBC Business) username and press a NEXT button.

If I do this nothing happens. The username disappears and there is no progress to another page/screen.


Absolutely appalling.

QuickBooks Team

Open banking with HSBC - unable to proceed

Hello Gareth Bouch, 


Thanks for commenting on this thread, 


Can you send us a screenshot of this whole page of error your getting please, so we can assist you with resolving this error? 



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