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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Level 3

QBO Bank Reconciliation Limitations

The Bank Rec in QBO leaves a lot to be desired.


One problem is that one cannot print a Reconciliation report in the middle of the reconciliation showing all reconciled and unreconciled items. The reconciliation report in QBO can only be printed once the reconciliation process is finalized. What can be printed during the Rec process is useless.


Before finalizing the reconciliation activity or if there is a difference users are trying to hunt, the only way is to look at the interim reconciliation report with all the cleared and uncleared items and the difference if any. This is very vital as it helps users identify if they have wrongly matched the items or where is the difference arising from, among other things before finalizing the Reconciliation. Unfortunately this is not possible in QBO.


Another problem is that users cannot undo the reconciliation. This is very silly.

QuickBooks Team

QBO Bank Reconciliation Limitations

This is not the experience we want our users to have with QuickBooks @HAM9. Allow me to help you to get the best assistance for your concern.


I understand that it is crucial for your company to continue using the feature, knowing that QuickBooks bank reconciliation has its own limitations. However, your valuable feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and you can share them with our product engineers.


Here's how:


  1. Click on the Gear Icon.
  2. Under Profile, select Feedback.
  3. Enter your suggestions.
  4. Then hit Submit.


Your feedback is an essential component of our efforts to enhance our software and offer you and our other customers an even better user experience.


Regarding your concern about users not being able to undo the reconciliation. Yes, you are right because only the admin can undo or edit the reconciliation. But you can still manage their roles and access specific tasks on your account.


Moreover, I'm adding this article for future reference to learn how to fix issues at the end of reconciliation in QuickBooks: Fix issues at the end of a reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to touch base with us if there's any help you need with managing your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online. As always, we're always right here to address you. Have a great day ahead!

Mark Armistead
Level 7

QBO Bank Reconciliation Limitations

You can actually undo the reconciliation but it's very time consuming. If you look in the accounts and the transaction history you will see an R in one column. Click on it until it goes back to C. You should be able to redo the reconciliation then.

It's really a terrible method and I'm sure they could implement it really easily, just like they did in the Desktop version. One click reset back to the previous date.

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