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Visit this post for a list of recent banking issues in QuickBooks Online.
Level 1

When will handelsbanken bank link be sorted ?

QuickBooks Team

When will handelsbanken bank link be sorted ?

Hello Impactaccs, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


We have not had any update or ETA on when Handelsbanken will be on open banking our engineers are working with the bank to get them on. 

Level 2

When will handelsbanken bank link be sorted ?

We have been waiting almost a year and getting the same answer. I think all your Handelsbanken customers would appreciate a refund of your charges as you're not delivering what you've promised us.

QuickBooks Team

When will handelsbanken bank link be sorted ?

Hello Jennysantos, Currently Handlesbanken connection in QuickBooks is via a CSV upload(downloaded bank transactions uploaded into QuickBooks. We will update the following link as soon as anything changes with that bank. We can not offer a refund as we are a third party connecting to a bank, in this case there we are working with that bank to get a viable connection up and running in accordance with the new banking rules. You can still use QuickBooks to its full  potential with the CSV upload. We do take on board the feedback certainly, however.

Level 3

When will handelsbanken bank link be sorted ?

Yes I have been waiting for this since MArch. Because there are a relatively low number of HB Customers, Intuit don't seem to care that quite a lot of these will move off to Xero , or other accounting packages. 

My transactiuon numbers are low so I can just use the file upload. For those people who have hundreds of transactions a day it makes sense to leave Intuit/Quickbooks and use Xero, because Xero have had HAndelsbanken linking all year, seamlessly. I doubt it will ever be done here, because I suspect QB have to pay HAndelsbanken something and simply don't want to ... however, they are certainly  not going to admit that to us mere customer mortals!!