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Mark Armistead
Level 7

Advanced & New Desktop App Questions.

Although I'm throughly disappointed the Intuit have launched Advanced and now the Desktop app with little fan fare. I'd like to ask some question of Intuit before I try things out.
1. I have two companies on separate accounts, one essentials, one on Plus. Can I have company files under one subscription of flick between them both within the app? Is this genuinely mutli-company solution?
2. If I do move to Advanced and need to roll back to Plus, will this be possible WITHOUT making a mess of the company files.
3. Advanced reports, define advanced? Can a user set up let's say a net worth spread sheet? Does this include any graph features like sales or expenditure graphs?
4. Are the missing logo's on purchase orders, statement, remittance advice send form visible?

5. Has "Have a nice day" removed?

6. Common email headers on all send forms, are they now all the same? 

7. Custom column in invoices. Although there is a single PO field in the header of an invoice. Many companies will be creating an invoice with multiple lines of PO's per invoice. Have at least one custom column would help around the issue and give other user the ability to at least have an extra line of information if required. Yes we can use the decryption box but it actually makes for a messy looking invoice.
8. Additional custom DATE fields to PO's. When creating a PO for a supplier typically you'll have the date created, but it's also it can be important to have a delivery required date on the PO form. Users can add a customer field box but it's just text, would be quicker if they could add an actual date field box. Would be even easier if we could set a future date expected per suppliers. So let say 10 working days etc. 
9. Having batch change price and purchase price for all stock or service items. Currently downloading and changing the xml file certainly isn't ideal. It's several extra steps which can cause problems to inexperienced users.
10. The sort feature doesn't work as intended in various reports if the report is to sort via invoice number. It currently sorts via date, then invoice number and not by the selected column.
11. On the receipt of stock from a supplier goods should be booked in on the system awaiting an invoice. This is how it works in QBD and worked far better if goods had split deliveries but supplied with one invoice. Also stock would be updated as the goods arrived and not when the invoiced was issued from the supplier. Sometimes this could be weeks.


Looking forward to a detailed reply and not just a copy and past answer asking to use the feedback form.

QuickBooks Team

Advanced & New Desktop App Questions.

Hello Mark, thanks for posting on the Community page, here is all the answers to your questions you sent into us. 


  1. You would need to have 2 accounts for the 2 different companies 
  2. Yes you can downgrade but just to make you aware that some features will not be available on the plus from the advanced. 
  3. No there is no graph features on the reports in advanced, but you can with spreadsheet sync, you can add the graphs on excel.   
  4. The logo added to the custom form does appear on purchase orders, statements and remittances 
  5. Yes it still has have a nice day on the invoice. But you can take it out and type in what you want before you send it to the customer. 
  6. This one is still the same please use the feedback function in QBO
  7. There is no column for PO it is still the same where you can add a custom field for it so it shows up. 
  8. You can add a custom field for the delivery date as there is only one box that shows the purchase order date. 
  9. There is still no batch change prices option in advanced. 
  10. This might be a bug and might need investigating into more as it should sort it to whatever you have selected
  11. This is also not possible, not without a workaround, which an accountant specialised in QBO might be able to help you with. 
Mark Armistead
Level 7

Advanced & New Desktop App Questions.

Thanks for the reply Ashleigh.

So in other words nothing has been fixed. Not a very good advertisement for anyone wishing to 'upgrade' to advanced.  I guess I'll save myself any further heartache and frustration and stick with the still half cooked Plus, rather than paying more per months for a half cooked Advanced.


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