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Quickbooks Desktop vs Quickbooks Online

Got a new message from Quickbooks when i open the app to say they will be stopping support for it next month. I am very disappointed. The app allows you to open more than one tab at a time and therefore see multiple screens without having to close what you are currently doing. You cannot do this on the web browser as easily. I miss quickbooks desktop, it was so much easier to use and the removal of the app is another hammer blow. Considering leaving quickbooks altogether as it is no longer user friendly. Will they improve/fix all the issues with the online version that we never had with the desktop version?


Things Quickbooks No Longer does
a. Journals not properly linked to each employee
i. Cannot add Loan repayments within payroll
ii. Types of pay are not user friendly
b. Statutory Sick Pay Allowance?
c. Cannot enter Middle Names
d. Cannot add overtime in easily as standard
e. Submit EPS or FPS manually
f. Holiday pay and accrual of entitled amounts (available in advanced?)
g. Does not track holiday pay (available in advanced?)

h. Cannot see what types of pay everyone is getting before submitting payment
2. No Pay Liabilities button - i keep forgetting to pay our liabilities as QBO does not allow you to pay it!
3. Employer allowance adjustment done automatically with no way to change it
4. Pension contribution journals are not linked to each employee and are not automatic like they were in QBD
a. cannot move about boxes to where ever you want like before in a template
b. not enough options to add standard info to every invoice, having to use Microsoft word for some customers
c. cannot rename headings to suit customer needs
d. cannot add standard message
e. cannot have PO item number on invoice (need more columns)
f. VAT item no longer designated to customer. Have to allocate VAT on every item on invoice whereas old QBD used to put in previously used VAT item
g. Cannot convert into a credit note
h. Cannot have multiple delivery addresses for same customer
i. Cannot have pending invoices (non-posting)

j. Cannot change between invoice templates


Reminders no longer remind when you open Quickbooks

As you can see there is a lot wrong with QBO and i would not recommend it to new users. 

Level 2

Quickbooks Desktop vs Quickbooks Online

I'm with you. I'm keeping an eye out for an alternative as I am sick to death of QBO not working properly, adding new functionality that is useless, and removing anything that was useful. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks Desktop vs Quickbooks Online


There are many options in the market including the free one to explore.


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