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David Lockwood
Level 1

Workplace Pension Contributions

Please can someone let me know of a Workplace Pension provider where you do not have to log in each month to pay the contributions? I currently use NEST and Quickbooks to make the submissions but I still have to log in to pay by Direct Debit which is time-consuming. I'd a provider that just takes the money from my Quickbooks submission. 

QuickBooks Team

Workplace Pension Contributions

Hello David Lockwood, 


Welcome to the Community page, 


We can't recommended pension providers to you however we do welcome any other Community users to do so, you can also reach out and speak to an accountant about this or research other pension providers as well. 

Level 8

Workplace Pension Contributions

Hi @David Lockwood 


If you're using QBO Payroll, your options are limited to those that QBO integrates with.

A quick read shows that Standard Payroll is NEST only.

Advanced Payroll ( integrates with NEST, Smart Pensions, The People's Pension, Aviva and NOW: Pensions.


I don't use QBO Payroll so can't comment on the function of the integration (& please don't take this as a recommendation) but I use Smart Pension & the Direct Debits are automatic.

DD is monthly.

I get an email from them to confirm each batch submission with the amount (for checking if necessary).

I get an email from them around the 2nd of each month confirming the monthly total (& asking for any unsubmitted deductions to be submitted).

DD is taken around the 7th-10th of each month (again, an email to confirm 2-3 days  in advance).


Hope this helps.

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